hjgjLosing your natural teeth can be a traumatic experience. Whether young or old, the impact of tooth loss is likely to directly affect ones lifestyle and confidence. Eating out, socialising or simply smiling can becomes a cause for embarrassment rather than joy.
A solution to this problem is dentures. The practice of wearing false teeth is nothing new. In fact, even the early Etruscans and Egyptians were known to use crude versions of today’s dental prosthesis, fashioned indigenously.
Times have changed and so have dental practices. Research has led to the development of aesthetically pleasing, functional and comfortable dentures.

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Dentures are prosthetic dental appliances constructed to replace missing teeth. Unlike dental bridges and dental implants, which are permanently attached to the bone, dentures are attached to a supporting structure.
This makes them removable and easier to clean and maintain. Affordable dentures are the ones made from conventional plastic teeth while porcelain dentures can be more expensive.

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