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Prices are stated as of July 2014. We reserve the right to alter the prices according to individual needs. We always explain the costs involved at your first visit, before the treatments begins. Check out our competitive prices.

Treatment Price
Treatment Examination Price £39.00
Treatment Small x-ray Price £6.50
Amalgam Price
Treatment Regular Price £60.00
TreatmentLarge Price £80.00
Composite Price
TreatmentSmall Price £60.00
TreatmentMedium Price £100.00
TreatmentLarge Price £150.00
Root Canal Therapy Price
TreatmentSingle Root Price £ 190.00
TreatmentMultiple Roots/per root Price £225.00
TreatmentMolar Price £270.00 - £350.00 – £400.00 DWS
Crowns, Bridges & Inlays/Onlays Price
TreatmentGold Onlay Price£400.00
TreatmentGold Crown PriceFrom £450.00
TreatmentTooth coloured PriceFrom £450.00 - £600.00
Prosthetics / Dentures Price
TreatmentPartial Acrylic Price£250.00 – £400.00 (1-3 teeth £250.00, 3-6 teeth £325.00, 7+ teeth £400.00)
TreatmentFull Acrylic Upper and Lower Price£500.00 per arch
TreatmentCobalt Chromium Price£500.00 - £800.00
TreatmentCosmetic Price
TreatmentInvisalign Price£2.800 (from)
TreatmentEnlighten Price£600.00
TreatmentVeneers Price£500.00 (from)
TreatmentC. Fast Price£1500.00 (from)
TreatmentImplants per tooth Price£2500.00
TreatmentExtractions: Price
TreatmentSimple Price£80.00
TreatmentComplex Price£100.00 (from)
TreatmentSurgical Price£150.00
TreatmentSimple Hygienist Price£46.00 Prophy paste polish - £55.00 Prophy jet (Salt Wash)
TreatmentPeriodontal treatment per session Price£90.00 per £45 session
TreatmentTwo week home kit customised Price£295.00
Treatment2 Hour Zoom (on referral) Price£450.00
TreatmentCustomised Tray only Price£200.00
TreatmentMinimum charge for Emergency £55 within 24hrs of surgery hours, depending on what is required (dentist will advise of any additional cost). Outside hours fees may differ. PriceMissed Appointment and late cancellation 24hrs notice required £40 per 30 minutes

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