Dr. Lalit Bandlish published a book in 1988 called ‘Colour Atlas of a New Concept of Enamel Caries’.
enamel“This book attempts to find answers to some new concepts based upon clinical observations which have been recorded in colour photographs. In a number of instances the author uses an impression taken prior to the extraction of the tooth to help define the contact area, the tooth subsequently being repositioned into the set impression to enable the photographs to be obtained.
This is a unique concept in dental publishing and I felt compelled to read the book out of curiosity. It is a profusely illustrated monograph which is packed with 250 colour photographs and numerous radiographs of teeth with carious lesions.”
R. Elderton, From British Dental Journal , January 23 1988.

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“An Extract from the book”

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Alternatively In order to purchase this book, priced at £80 ($150), please send a cheque (payable to L K Bandlish) to the address above. Also please make sure that you include your name, address and the number of copies you require.